Better Together I: Youth/Adult Partnerships Workshop

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Session Description: 

How should you be involved in decisions about your own case plan? What's your role in designing or improving the programs and services that profoundly impact your life? In this session, we'll define youth/adult partnerships, discover why they’re important, and challenge participants to think outside the box about how youth and adults can work together! Not only does it benefit you, but could help change foster care (and maybe the world!).

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to

  • Understand strengths youth/adults bring to Y/APs (Purpose / Meaningful contribution)
  • Understand own role in maintaining relationships with adults (Attachment & Connectedness)

Session outline:

  • 5-10m / Introduction & Overview
  • 5m / Real Story
  • 25-35m / Activity: Asset & Challenge
  • 20-25m / Wong’s et al. TYPE Pyramid 
  • 5m / Wrap-up

Slides: Included (optional - not required for presentation)

Reproducible handouts included:

  • Youth/Adult Partnership Notes Sheet
  • Wong’s TYPE Pyramid Handout
  • Case Scenarios  

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