Look, Listen!

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Session Description: Great relationships are built on strong communication and trust. Learn how to build trust quickly, improve your listening skills, and deepen your empathy for your peers. Get ready to ‘Look, Listen!’ 

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Apply listening skills to provide peer support (Purpose/Meaningful contribution)
  • Practice building trust and engaging empathy to deepen relationships (Attachment & Connectedness)
  • Exercise different kinds of listening and managing internal emotions during difficult conversations (Self-Regulation)

Session outline:

  • 2m / Introduction & Overview
  • 3m / Real Story
  • 40m / Activity: Look, Listen!
  • 10m / Discussion: Peer Talk
  • 5m / Wrap-up

Slides: Included (optional - not required for presentation)

Reproducible handouts included:

  • Listening Skills Infographic

 For more information about SPARK curriculum and the evidence behind it, visit www.fosterclub.org/SPARK

Download of this Curriculum provides a license for ONE TRAINER to deliver the training an unlimited amount of times to young people in foster care. See our License Agreement for details.