Strategic Sharing Workshop

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Session Description: Want to find your voice and learn how sharing your story can help others? Come learn how to reframe foster care experiences as expertise and how to safely tell stories by retaining boundaries.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to

  • Share personal stories in a healthy and purposeful manner (Story of Self / Personal Narrative)
  • Understand how telling a personal story can impact relationships  (Attachment & Connectedness)
  • Describe the importance of strategic sharing and strategies to determine how and when to discuss personal stories (Self-Regulation)

Session outline:

  • 5-10m / Introduction & Overview
  • 15-20m / Discussion & Activity: Red, Yellow, or Green Light?
  • 15m / Activity: Developing an Escape Hatch
  • 20-30m / Activity: Practice Panel
  • 5m / Wrap-up

Slides: Included (optional - not required for presentation

Reproducible handouts included:

  • Biography Worksheet
  • Strategic Sharing Circles


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Download of this Curriculum provides a license for ONE TRAINER to deliver the training an unlimited amount of times to young people in foster care. See our License Agreement for details.