Guided Meditation: Body Scan


During the COVID-19 Crisis, FosterClub got to work thinking about what youth in care need right now. One of or first ideas was to provide a guide meditation to help focus during this crisis. This meditation is a result of those early thoughts. May it bring you some comfort and peace during this difficult time. 

This is a *free* audio or video file download. 

About Meditation:

Due to COVID-19, many across the nation are struggling with isolation and wellbeing. During a time of chaos and confusion, it is important to set time aside in the day to prioritize your wellbeing. It may be hard for some to do, but if you set aside 10 to 30 minutes each day for you to practice mindfulness – the things that stress you, become a bit easier to handle. There are many things you can do to center your health and wellbeing during this time. Such as creating a daily routine, listening to your favorite music or podcast, practicing different breathing exercises, reading a book, going for a walk, staying hydrated, and practicing meditation. There are many other practices to look into and try out. 

About THIS Meditation: 

Isaiah (Zae) Palomo created a guided body scan meditation for you to try out during this crisis. Body scan meditations are used to become present with our bodies – stress can build up in areas of our body and present itself in many different ways such as tension or discomfort. This meditation will take you through a breathing exercise to de-stress your body and become present with yourself. Zae’s hope is this meditation brings you comfort and peace. 

The body scan meditation is available in both audio and video for you to download or stream. Download the audio, video, and/or transcript here.

About the Narrator:

Isaiah (Zae) Palomo is a passionate advocate for youth in care. Zae is a foster care alumni and began supporting youth in care in 2015 as a FosterClub All-Star Intern.  Zae works in the Training & Education Department at FosterClub where they write curriculum, plan events and train young leaders. Zae is a big advocate for mindfulness activities. When they feel stressed or worried they practice meditation and other forms of mindfulness activities to reduce the feels. There are a lot of benefits of practicing mindfulness activities such as reducing stress and anxiety, supports a healthy night of rest, supports focus and much more.

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