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Session Description: Have you ever felt overwhelmed by love or found yourself unsure about romance and attraction? Is the mainstream discussion about relationships completely confusing or not quite right for who you are or others in your life? Connection Corner focuses on how to navigate ALL the feelings of love, romance, and attraction.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the ways foster care can impact how you move forward in your relationships (Story of Self/Personal Narrative)
  • Identify the types of relationships around love, romance, and attraction (Purpose/Meaningful contribution)
  • Explore how to navigate complicated emotions around love, romance, and attraction in order to build and connect with others (Attachment & Connectedness)

Session outline:

  • 5m / Introduction & Overview
  • 5m / Real Story
  • 20m / Discussion: I Can Connect
  • 25m / Activity: Roses & Thorns
  • 5m / Wrap-up

Slides: Included (optional - not required for presentation)

Reproducible handouts included:

  • Love, Romance, & Attraction Scenarios
  • Connection Terms & Definitions

Original Workshop Creator: 2020 All-Star Rebo Olson (check out their bio!)

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Download of this Curriculum provides a license for ONE TRAINER to deliver the training an unlimited amount of times to young people in foster care. See our License Agreement for details.