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Session Description: Are your patterns of behavior, self-destruction, or past trauma keeping you from growing, especially in your relationships? This workshop focuses on giving you another tool towards healing by asking you to nurture the metaphorical “little you,” also known as your inner child. Learn how to meet the needs of your inner child and practice self-care because you are worthy, whole, and loved.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify who our inner child is, both the good and areas for growth that may be hurting us now (Story of Self/Personal Narrative)
  • Work together as a team to create a safe space, where some (hopefully all) of us will find a brave voice to share with one another (Attachment & Connectedness)
  • Practice speaking to our inner child and giving them the affirmation they need (Self-Regulation)

Session outline:

  • 15m / Introduction & Overview
  • 2m / Real Story
  • 23m / Activity: I’m Here For Me
  • 20m / Activity: An Affirming Attitude
  • 5m / Wrap-up

Slides: Included (optional - not required for presentation)

Reproducible handouts included:

  • My Inner Child Drawing
  • Inner-Child Prompts for Self-Forgiveness and Acceptance

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Download of this Curriculum provides a license for ONE TRAINER to deliver the training an unlimited amount of times to young people in foster care. See our License Agreement for details.